Post-jam roadmap

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick heads-up on what's happening with development of Spamality.

Currently, I am working on rewriting the lovejam engine to support more advanced features, like a binary map format with layer support (level editor included), but because I'm super-lazy I don't have that much progress to talk about. So let me share a post-jam roadmap instead:

  • Re-writing the map format.
    This will be a really important thing to do, because the current map format is super-primitive (just a plain text file without any notable special features), most notably entities are limited to a single type of a background tile behind them when they spawn. That's why I'm implementing a map editor now, to help accelerate the development process and give new possibilities.
  • Creating a title screen.
    This shouldn't be a hard thing to do, just a few small changes to lovejam, and of course, the rendering part. I want Spamality to have its own unique menu though, so it will take a bit more extra time.
  • Improving the enemy AI.
    The current AI is really primitive, the zombies just face towards the player, and bounce off of walls. I want to implement the A* algorithm for pathfinding, and change the game so it fits the new AI (maybe a large remake of the original small arena?). I also want to implement some more enemy types, but that's beyond the scopes for this next update.
  • Adding a new weapon.
    I don't want to go into too much detail about it, I just want to say that the way the new weapon will work will be completely different from the Spamality (the current weapon), but will still require you to spam the mouse.

That's it for the roadmap! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'll try to post updates regularly, but don't expect those to happen very often, after all, I'm just a single guy working on this game. Any contributions on GitHub are welcome, though!

Thank you for reading!

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