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Pretty fun game, I like the idea of spam to win, but a little bit more explanation would be nice. For example, I didn't realize that clicking was leveling me up, and I also didn't notice that my health was regenerating over time. I really like the idea and the artwork, but I wish it had music. Good job :)


Thanks for your opinion! Currently I'm not working on the game (break because of GitHub Game Off), but I'll take your suggestions into account. I'm not sure about what kind of visual feedback I should implement for the Spamality meter and the health bar, I also don't want to implement any tutorials, as I believe this would go against the retro theming.

The game was made in 2 days, I didn't have enough time for music :/

Again, thank you for your feedback!

Yup, all of that makes sense, I just wanted to give some feedback. Good luck on the Game Off! (I'm also working on a game for it)