A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You crash on an overgrown planet. It looks like it's irradiated with some unknown cosmic energy, which caused its primitive plant-like lifeforms to mutate and grow all over the planet.

A platformer/survival hybrid for GitHub Game Off 2018.

Please note that this is a prototype, and it's largely unfinished.


  • A, D, W - Move/Climb
  • Left Control - Run
  • LMB - Laser (disassembly)
  • RMB - Laser (assembly)
  • MMB - Connect Machines
  • Scroll Wheel - Change items/Edit machine settings


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Classic 4 MB
Version 0.1.0 Dec 01, 2018

Development log


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Interesting concept. You should expand on that

Of course I'll expand on the concept, but I need a better engine now (the one I'm currently using has a very messy codebase, and I need to make a rewrite), so updating the game might take a while.

Is it LOVE engine? I have seen a few small games powered by it. Even thought to try it, as I would like to learn lua better.

I use Godot 3 and I love it.
Would be glad, if you will try my submission

Yes, that's Love2D, but keep in mind that it's a framework, not an engine. This means you have to implement all of the game logic and physics yourself, and my implementation is rather poor (it works, but there's a lot of messy and hard to maintain code).

Did you tried Phaser?

Not yet, but it looks cool.