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geompixel is a 5px font I created for Spamality!, and also used in Planet Overgamma Classic. It's meant for use at small resolutions of 128×128 pixels or less.

This pack also includes two additional fonts I made—geompixel tiny, and altopixel. geompixel tiny is an even smaller variant of geompixel, rocking at 4px of height. It's perfect for use at jams like LOWREZJAM, where your screen resolution is extremely limited and you can't fit much text. altopixel is a sharper variation of geompixel, with more squared edges. 

All fonts are 3px wide. geompixel and altopixel are 5px tall, geompixel tiny is 4px tall. geompixel tiny only features uppercase characters, as it would be pretty impossible to make readable lowercase letters at 4px of vertical resolution.


geompixel 7 kB
geompixel tiny 5 kB
altopixel 7 kB

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